8 PM 
 Office | Shop 

What we did | interior design&project management

For whom | PR Studio 8pm + Octopus

Where | Sofia - Bulgaria

When | 2016

Size | 60 sq.m

CONTEXT | Born at the heart of the city, 8pm is a pocket-size PR studio in a two-storey ground level office with huuuge windows.

The first floor is often visited by passerby strangers, for it does look like a coffee shop. Thus came the idea to open its space for informal visits and to name it Octopus, keeping pr work above, on the second floor.

Along with the split-up - 1st and 2nd floor - a new, more functional interior was needed to gather all ideas under one roof.

SOLUTIONOur strategy was to attune the concept of a new interior to the neighbourhood spirit, giving the office casual and even grunge looks. An important task as well was to define different functions of the two floors, integrating them in a consistent design. It was quite a fun job! As the place itself. Pictures below.