Learning Center 

What we did | interior design

For whom | ITCE

Where | Sofia - Bulgaria

When | 2017

Size | 800 sq.m

CONTEXT | ITCE space is a learning centre but not a typical one. The center is offering super interesting courses and training sessions to the largest corporate players in Bulgaria. Our task was to upgrade office’s common parts and to introduce new concept, reflecting ITCE’s unique approach to learning at any age.  

SOLUTION | Our driving force was to create that feeling of a cosy, homy space and escape as far away as possible from the general perception of a learning centre. We kept client’s initial idea to name the different training rooms after big cities around the globe. But we added just a pinch to it – we re-imagined the space as a journey through the learning process... Thus developing a special training room that looks more like a living room. We wanted to learn ourselves how this idea would affect the learning process, placing it in a totally unusual atmosphere. And the result was great! You could see it on the pictures’ happy faces. Fame wall for best achievers? Yes, we have this one too!