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 Office space 
 Elipse Center 
Paysafe Elipse_top

What we did | interior design

For whom | Paysafe

Where | Sofia - Bulgaria

When | 2020

Size | 1300 sq.m

CONTEXT | It is a peculiar 2020 and we faced the challenge to design the 6th in a row office for Paysafe in a peculiar new building in Sofia. Shaped like an ellipse the layout bent our imagination. And we just followed it.  

SOLUTION |  No walls but not the typical open space layout - it is a formula we worked around quite well with Paysafe. And this flexibility gave us the possibility to bend the space and utilize it in the best possible way. We kept it monochromatic and multiplied the fascinating tectonic facade with the triangle mosaic in the floor. Pure shapes that tell a story themselves – especially when the sun spreads its playful spots in the space.

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