Zlatarska 24 

What we did | interior design

Where | Plovdiv - Bulgaria

When | 2014

Size | 50 sq.m


Before it was cool to have your craft beer and gourmet dish there, not many people visited this area, yet our first office was in Kapana district, city of Plovdiv.

Since 2014, when the second biggest city in Bulgaria presented its candidacy for 2019 European Capital of Culture, cultural life there has become vibrant and energetic. Many young and creative people were attracted by Plovdiv’s artsy atmosphere. We wanted our stake in this! Which meant one thing - to relocate in Kapana district.

SOLUTION | We sailed our first office in an old empty store. It quickly found some true fans and from our office it became an "office for friends". The space has seen a lot of cultural events... the metal grids on the walls have been are proudly decorated with hundreds of posters, sketches, drawings... Until the day we decide to move to Sofia, the capital. So that’s how it all began.