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 Goethe Institut 

What we did | interior design

For whom | Goethe Institut

Where | Sofia - Bulgaria

When | 2020

Size | 180 sq.m

CONTEXT | It is not a secret that probably every architect dreams to design a library in his practice. So you can imagine the excitement that grew with us when we started working on the renovation of the one in the heart of Sofia for Goethe Institut. And at one point we were there in the middle of a big clash – in one corner was the magical world of the filled with books shelves, muted light and the occasional Shh! and the in the other the google-wikipedia-kindle-I can find whatever I need in a second reality. Tough one, isn’t it?

SOLUTION |  Having several workshops done we came to the conclusion that nowadays library is not all about the books anymore. It is about being a space that brings people together through a variety of activities and events. Flexibility was the key factor. So there it was - we had to make it possible to easily create spaces, change functions and setpieces. But how to make a library flexible – move the books? Nah. Let's try to move everything.  

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