Office Space 

What we did | interior design

For whom | Novarto

Where | Plovidv - Bulgaria

When | 2018

Size | 800 sq.m

CONTEXT | How do you make an IT company office fueled by the passion for... craft beer?! Oh, wait! There’s a twist. It’s not only a passion. Those guys are actually making beer. In an ultra-modern factory, close to their office.

SOLUTION | We assume you‘ve heard the word novartians? Rest assured, neither we. But this is how Novarto’s team call themselves. We took this kinda out-of-this-planet concept and inhabited Novarto’s office with hand-drawn astronauts. Murals painted by Victoria Paeva. As for the beer, we put free beer dispenser in the office’s relax zone. The team gathers around it every Friday. Not only this. They even decorated the walls with 489 real branded coasters! Cheers.