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 Paysafe DEV Teams 2 
 Office Space 

What we did | interior design

For whom | Paysafe 

Where | Sofia - Bulgaria

When | 2018

Size | 1200 sq.m

CONTEXT | What do you say after receiving that phone call: “Hi. We need a new office. And we have the space. But it was not designed to be an office. It was designed to be a showroom. Cars. It’s 10 meters high. Huge windows. Can you make it more... flexible?”

We said: madness! And we got madly exxxcited.

SOLUTIONWe kept showroom’s industrial touch and created a working atmosphere around it. Natural height immersed the whole space in light. We positioned most of the workstations next to those huge windows.

But the important word here was flexibility, remember? So no walls were built. We used movable separators to define private spaces. And made super-transformable collaboration areas! We hung giant pendants to enlighten cold winter afternoons. And we had that great relax area projecting happy thoughts with its yellow carpet... Everyone was asking about the opening. “Is it going to be furniture’ showroom? No?” It is actually an office space with great furniture. Within a showroom. Ha! Beat that.

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