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 Office Space  

What we did | interior design

For whom | Paysafe

Where | Sofia - Bulgaria

When | 2015

Size | 4200 sq.m


With us, every scaling comes multiplied by 10. Тhe 420 sq.m. office space in Madrid was followed a few months later by 4200 sq.m. in Sofia. This project happened to be the beginning of our beautiful friendship with Paysafe, the biggest local and key global IT player in the field of online payments.

We’ve been executing a lot of Paysafe commissions from 2015 until now, but the pilot was that - their main office. The headquarters. This was the first office space ever completed in the signature Capital Fort Business Center, Sofia. 

We’ve split our creative efforts between beauty and functionality. The ultimate task was to make 1200 employees feel super comfortable at work.

SOLUTION | 3 is magic number. 3 repeating colours - the colours of 3 core services of Paysafe. We divided the office into 3 zones. Working places, collaboration space and meetings’ zone - 17 halls in total, each dedicated to a country and absolutely different from all others. 3 years of active exploitation later: everything is at place and looks great. Check.

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