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 Office space 
 Garitage Park 
Paysafe Garitag_top

What we did | interior design

For whom | Paysafe

Where | Sofia - Bulgaria

When | 2019

Size | 2200 sq.m

CONTEXT | This was the 4th office we did for Paysafe so we knew how to approach in the best way the task. For the first time, we had to accommodate a space for Paysafe in a new building - Garitage Park so we had to derive the best from the new opportunity.

SOLUTION |  We created vast team spaces semi separated from each other with transparent partitions and designed the meeting rooms in the various colour of the Paysafe colour pallette. The twist was the 128 custom images and graphics we created to decorate the space and the great relax and collaboration area that has a stunning view of the whole city of Sofia.

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