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 Office Space 

What we did | interior design

For whom | SBTech

Where | Sofia - Bulgaria

When | 2018

Size | 3200 sq.m

CONTEXT | When we were approached by one of the biggest players on the sports betting IT market we knew it will be an interesting game. Rules were simple: make an awesome new space for the company’s teams in Sofia. So that employees could feel every single day that they are part of no other than a superb A-TEAM. 

SOLUTION | At SBTech, they know sports. We were sure this fact should be our inspiration in creating their new office space. And we imagined this amazing space where one can actually play during the working day. 35 Champions League balls, 128 tennis balls, a mini-golf court, several football gates, 50 American footballs, some F1 models, court drawings, inspirational quotes, a crossbar and a punching bag... We designed a space not only for players. But for winners. Ya know?

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