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 Office Space  
SiteGround_Madrid TOP

What we did | interior design

For whom | SiteGround

Where | Madrid - Spain

When | 2015

Size | 420 sq.m

CONTEXT | In beautiful Madrid, Spain, we designed our first international office space. Which was also, by the way, the first one abroad for our client, SiteGround. Three in a row.

Madrid’s office overlooks the iconic Retiro Park as the last floor of an old historical building in the centre of Madrid. Let’s just say that working on this project was just as overwhelming as it sounds. ¡Viva España!

SOLUTION | We let team spirit and the city to inspire us. The Jenga elements came from team’s passion for the game, the bicycles on the walls were a pure reference to the magnificent park across the window and the bears, well - we all know bear with the strawberry tree is Madrid’s symbol don’t we? Each interior idea came from the beauty of the space we additionally highlighted. Also. Small defects became effects. See for yourself!

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