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 Office Space 
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What we did | design&project management

For whom | SiteGround

Where | Sofia - Bulgaria

When | 2015

Size | 470 sq.m

CONTEXT | How to make a really cool design without spending a fortune? Happens when you have Idea. It came from a special book - Star Wars Origami. And the timing couldn’t have been better. The Force Awakens has been just released, creating positive brouhaha all over the world.

SOLUTIONBut to transform a good idea into working space with character, it means getting some job done. We decided to keep the main origami theme from SiteGround office in Stara Zagora. Our first big project, remember? And we built it up, including glorious space adventures from The saga.

Curious facts. Darth Vader’s origami panel is made of 2450 sticky notes! That of Storm Trooper - of 1590. Lots of sticky notes, dude. And. A rumour has it behind Vader’s mask is someone else, Tzetzo something, they say. But we do believe it’s the Force. Shouldn’t we?

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