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 Office Space 
 Stara Zagora 
Stara Zagora TOP

What we did | design&project management

For whom | SiteGround

Where | Stara Zagora - Bulgaria

When | 2014

Size | 500 sq.m

CONTEXTSiteGround is our first big client. You can imagine the excitement! Their faith in our work and the fact they gave us a 500-sq.m. space to re-think and re-shape, that was a real challenge, dude. Which is more beautiful - this company remains one of our biggest clients to present days. Embarking on a design trip with them is always fun.

SOLUTION | We turned the space upside down and we mean it literally. We placed all wiring that’s usually under the floor..., on the ceiling. Inspired by the motto of SiteGround company - Handcrafted Hosting Solutions – we came up with the idea for all kind of little origami airplanes and used them as a thin red line all over the place. IN a nutshell, we created an interior that feels like home – almost inviting people to bring their slippers at work!

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