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 Stars Group 
 Office Space 

What we did | interior design

For whom | Stars Group

Where | Sofia - Bulgaria

When | 2019

Size | 5500 sq.m

CONTEXT | We’ve always wanted to make a tip-to-toe office. When Stars Group selected us to design their new home in Sofia, occupying not a floor or two, but a whole building - you can imagine the shivers we’ve gotten! Every time we entered office building not being able to tell if the elevator’s stopping on a wrong floor, it made us feel so bored with the corporate world... And we had to figure out how to design an office building far away from that feeling.

SOLUTION | By using the same elements but combining them in a different way, we’ve managed to create original atmosphere throughout the building and yet avoid repeаtаbility. We designed a specific theme for every floor which strongly relates to collaboration areas at its heart. We moved all big meeting and training rooms on the street level. And we kept few aces in the sleeve to crystalize the office experience: building’s top-level is a sunshine-filled relax&gaming area marvellously wrapped by the 360 degrees panoramic terrace...

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